Food Supplements, FSMPs & Nutraceuticals

We provide regulatory support for manufacturers and/or companies which sell:

  • food supplements
  • Health Supplement
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Sport nutrition
  • Energy Drink
  • Food (Dietary products) for special medical purposes (FSMPs)

We offer clients advice on the legal status of a product and how to market the product as a food, food supplement or food for special medical purposes, as well as providing support for the compilation of labelling and product specifications.

Our Company can offer this support in many countries through one single point of contact. This helps clients increase the efficiency of their developments because they are able to focus on generating and compiling the necessary data to comply with the regulatory requirements for the countries of interest rather than having to identify and contact resources in each country.

We will be your partner from conceptualization to life cycle management, supporting you through every step and answering all regulatory and marketing questions.

Clients & Testimonials